Drakensang: The Dark Eye Ergo's Fixpack v1.75 Released

After paying a quick visit to Ergo's FixPack thread here on the GameBanshee forums, I've discovered that his unofficial patch for Radon Labs' Drakensang: The Dark Eye has now reached version 1.75. Here are the latest notes:
- Few more localization fixes
- Lowered starting weapon talent values
- Tuned character advantages
* Thief "Perception Bonus" (overlapping with Danger Sense) changed to Streetwise bonus
* Added "Two-handed Swords Bonus" to Soldier, was having no bonus
* Added "Vitality Penalty" to Alchemist
* Added "Perception Penalty" and "Dwarfnose Penalty" to Mercenary
* Added "Artisan Talents Penalty" to Warrior
* And fixed character descriptions to follow the advantages
- Increased Battlemage talent value in Staves by +2
- Fixed some modding script bugs
You can download the patch from AtomicGamer, among other places.