Disciples III: Renaissance Elven Alliance Faction Details and Media

Kalypso Media has finished profiling the three opposing forces in Disciples III: Renaissance, with this final addition providing us with some background information and eleven new images for the Elven Alliance.
The Elven Alliance

The eldest race, wise and always mournful (probably because they have lived for too long and seen so much of evil and injustice), Elves rarely venture from their homes in the lush woods and thickets.

The first sentient beings in Nevendaar, they were used to solitude, and therefore they don't much trust the outsiders, rightfully believing that they will disturb their peace. Like men, they combine two opposites they are intelligent, wise and noble, but at the same time they are rather wild and somewhat cruel. But the cause of such duality is not the same as in the case of men. Such disarray is caused not by the freedom of will which humans possess, but rather the nature of the divine being, to which they still have a strong connection. Gallean, the Elven god and creator, severely punished by Mortis for his betrayal, combines the two sides of his nature one is a benevolent being, full of love to all living things, and the other is a violent beast bent on destruction. And so, the elves divided as well some are noble, and some are wild. The first are open to the world and willing to make alliances with other friendly races. Wild elves on the other hand, seek only peace and solitude, and those who dare to disturb them will quickly make themselves powerful enemies.

The Elven realm is the kingdom of autumnal forests, and eternal autumn is in the hearts of the elves. For this is the essence of the Elven race: the beauty of departing life, great wisdom and great sorrow, and the presentiment of the coming sleep, which may turn out to be eternal. Very few realise that deep in their hearts, they hope to see the very distant but so longed-for spring.
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