Two Worlds II Previews

Should you be in the mood for a couple more E3 2010-based previews of Reality Pump's Two Worlds sequel this evening, you're in luck.

G4 starts us off:
Perhaps the most compelling feature in the game is the online portion where players are able to establish their own towns and then specify what their town's primary business is. So you might specialize in weapons while someone else specialized in armor, and this structure eventually leads to the formation of trade routes, and such. This is just one of the ways the developers are trying to make the game really about creating a massive and organic community that lives and breathes inside the game world.

With Destructoid following close behind:
Speaking from a purely aesthetic standpoint, the difference between Two Worlds and Two Worlds II is like night and day. A new closer perspective, slicker animations, and generally more polished graphics makes this look like an entirely different game. In fact, if you gave me a demo of Two Worlds II without telling me what it was, I would easily believe that it was a totally new RPG rather than the sequel to one of the worst RPGs ever made.