Eschalon: Book II v1.04 Patch Status

Basilisk Games' Thomas Riegsecker stopped by their official forums to bring us up to speed on the status of Eschalon: Book II's v1.04 patch. He also mentions that Book III won't be moving forward until they're confident that they have the finances to see its development through:

Just a quick mention of where we are at with version 1.04 and what it will contain:

Version 1.04 will, of course, contain all the latest bug fixes. While there aren't many major bugs left, a few of the bugs have caused some general playability issues for people using Linux. The game is exceptionally stable in current version 1.03, so 1.04 will just be a bit of clean up.

More importantly, 1.04 will have support for other languages. Currently we have Russian, French, Spanish and Slovakian translations in the works by fans. These initial translations will just be game text only, which includes narration, books, dialog, and spell/potion descriptions. This should be enough for most people to fully enjoy the game- future versions of the game will likely have additional text translated such as the interface graphics and messages generated by the system.

I hope to be able to include several of these languages with the 1.04 release, however if the translations take much longer to produce then I'll just release 1.04 without some of them. Users can drop-in new "language packs" as they are released. If you are interested in translating the game into a specific language, please contact us.

In addition, 1.04 may have a few balance adjustments as well. I am playing around with some of the settings now based on feedback from all of you. More info on this when 1.04 is released, which is scheduled for the end of June.

Beyond 1.04.... Once 1.04 is out, we should have a stable platform for which we can merge in the add-on content. This will likely take 6-8 weeks to complete and will be released with version 1.05 of the game.

People are already emailing us about Book III. For now, all I can say is that Book III exists in ideas only. We will not commit to anything until we know that Book II will fully pay for its development and provide the company with funds to move forward with the final game.