Gothic 3 v1.74 Community Patch Released

It appears that the community support for Gothic 3 hasn't ceased yet, as the team has released a new v1.74 patch that introduces some graphical improvements and a handful of bug fixes to the RPG sequel. The patch still isn't compatible with Forsaken Gods or saved games prior to v1.7x, though I suppose that's to be expected. The changelog:
- ATI/AMD driver bug: Workaround for missing shadows on Radeon 4000/5000 series graphics cards.
+ Improved specular light.
- Shadow problem at ambience mushrooms in Nordmar on 7xxx nVidia graphics cards fixed.
- Problem in czech installer version fixed.
- Quest "Debt and debility" with Ilja fixed.
+ Screen noise (optional). (Picture - click here)
+ Grass reacts to the hero's steps.
+ Visual feedback when the hero ist poisoned or has low life energy (optional).(Video - click here)
- Hunter merchants will pay twice the price for dark snapper leather again.
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements.
+ Improved Bloom/HDR. (pictures Bloom+HDR (click), HDR Blueshift (click), Sun (click))
+ Improved water. (Picture - click here)