Arcania: Gothic 4 Interview

Faceoff Games has dished up an interview they did with Arcania: Gothic 4 producer Reinhard Pollice about the RPG sequel's length, multi-platform emphasis, combat mechanics, character progression system, and more. Check it out:
F.O.G: Up until now, Gothic has always been a PC only series. Why have you decided to bring it to consoles? Have both versions of the game been developed together, or was one particular platform (e.g. Xbox 360) been chosen as the primary one to develop on?

RP: In the last years, lots of gamers switched from PC to consoles and some of them where Gothic fans also! As we want to deliver our game to these players as well, it was an easy decision. Both versions; PC and console were developed simultaneously, whereas there were certain phases where we focused on one more in order to deliver well made builds for certain dates or events.

F.O.G: Since you plan to bring the Gothic games to consoles for the first time, there will be a lot of people playing it that are new to the series. How do you plan to bridge the gap between the new and old?

RP: The story takes place on new islands and the hero is also new. There are lots of references to previous Gothic games that veterans will love! On the other hand, everything gets explained during our detailed tutorial which helps new players to dig into the fascinating world of Gothic. In addition, the effort spent on accessibility will also be a major factor in carefully introducing new players to the Gothic universe.