Mount & Blade Q&A

GamePro Australia managed to corner TaleWorlds' ArmaÄŸan Yavuz and Mikail Yazbeck for an informative four-page Q&A about Mount & Blade, its Warband expansion pack, their plans for another entry to the franchise, and a whole lot more.  A couple of the more interesting questions: 
GP: Was the multiplayer component used as a way to differentiate Mount & Blade: Warband from games that inspired the original, such as Elder Scrolls?

AY: I think so. It has made us move in a different direction and I think it's a good thing.

One important thing that separated the original Mount & Blade was the focus on combat, and now with multiplayer we have to run over combat elements for multiplayer. It has made us more aware of how the game's combat works, what is missing, what can be improved.


What do you hope to see go into Mount & Blade 3?

AY: One of the things we want to do is go over the basic technology and we want to make it even more mod friendly and accessible. But apart from this, there are lots of ideas we are thinking about but there are a lot of things we have yet to cover.

We currently don't have marriages in the game, but perhaps in the future players can have more family relations and even have future generations. That is somewhere we can go.

There are lots of things but I can't say for sure.