Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned Preview

Already calling the action RPG "more fun than the last Pirates movie", IGN brings us their press event-based impressions of Propaganda's Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned.
One of the key features of Armada of the Damned is the ability to decide what type of pirate you want to be: Legendary or Dreaded. Choose the Legendary path and your character will be celebrated. He'll be a charming, dashing pirate with a quick wit. If you decide to be dreaded, though, you will be more feared than celebrated. You will appear as a sinister, conniving pirate whose form is hunched over and less agile.

For today's demo we played as a Legendary pirate. We arrived on a large island in search of a figurehead for our ship you know, one of those wooden carvings of a woman's bust that juts out from the front of the vessel. We were soon greeted by a shaman from the island's indigenous tribe, but all is not well with the people. The shaman is deformed and has trouble communicating. In fact, his right arm is beginning to look a lot like a crab's pincher. Turns out the figurehead we seek is indeed on the island, but it has cursed the inhabitants and is turning them into mindless, savage crab people.