Don Daglow on Stormfront Studios' Closure

Critical Gamer managed to catch up with Stormfront Studios' Don Daglow for a brief chat about why the studio was forced to close its doors in early 2008 and what he's been working on since its shuttering.
I did this for twenty years, in one setting. I did not change the company fast enough in accordance with how fast the world changed. But it's a chance to start from scratch. And what I've seen in my life is that sometimes something bad has to happen to set us on the right path. And it's encumbered upon us to figure out what's that path. What is that thing that I have to do that will lead to future happiness and future success?

In this case, I hadn't been able to work on online games, which are a passion of mine. Because it didn't fit the Stormfront team. So this gave me the chance to start working on online games. Start working on social media games, which weren't a part of our mix then because they were too small, we needed to do things big. Which was part of the problem. So some of what I do is original game design. Will it ever get fully made? We'll see. And then I'm advising other companies and teams. Sometimes it's just business stuff. Other times it's helping teams with design or production or problems of building a small team.