EverQuest II Underfoot Depths Q&A

SOE's official EverQuest II website has been updated with an in-house Q&A about the Underfoot Depths, one of two raid zones being introduced in the Halas Reborn content update coming to the MMORPG sequel at the end of May. Designer Brett Scheinert lends the answers:
What do you think is the most impressive part of the zone?

The scale and scope of the content being added. Players have cleared all of Sentinel's Fate's normal-mode encounters and all but one of the challenge-mode encounters.just in time for us to add 20 more normal-mode encounters and eight more challenge-mode encounters (which practically doubles the raid content available at level 90). I am very excited at the chance for players to test their mettle against both the Underfoot Depths and the new Icy Keep raid!