50 PC RPGs That Defined A Decade, Part One

Gear Diary has begun a multi-part feature that seeks to profile fifty of the most noteworthy CRPGs of the past decade. Their first installment covers 2010, and since we're not even halfway through the year, there are only two games recognized - Mass Effect 2 and Greed: Black Border. Here's a bit from their take on the former:
Key Features: From my review: Mass Effect 2 is already a favorite for '˜best game of 2010'² in spite of being released only a few weeks into the year. Any game looking for that title will have a very high bar to surmount, because between the story, characters, interactions, combat, production values, and overall flow Mass Effect 2 presents an amazing space opera. I have discussed the game with folks from forums dedicated to older hardcore RPG fans as well as younger console-centric gamers, and have yet to find someone who didn't find the game genuinely a blast to play.

Why it is on the list: I have already read too many times that '˜Mass Effect 2 is not a RPG'. Sorry, it might focus on the shooter elements in terms of gameplay, and have numerous simplified systems, but between the story, characters, choices, consequences, and so on . this is a wonderful role-playing experience. My female '˜Trislyn Shepard' Paragon Sentinel is very different than my '˜Willin Arndt' Renegade Soldier. Mass Effect 2 belongs on any list of 2010 games in general, and RPGs in particular, due to the incredible production values, immersive story-telling, great characters, and fun combat.

Current Outlook: The combination of free and paid DLC that has come out has kept folks playing and talking about the game. That said, the paid DLC so far has been pretty lousy, and teamed with the inconvenient DLS install system it is a pain. Regardless, there is no doubt this will be one of the biggest commercial and critical successes of the year.