Frayed Knights is Going Episodic

Frayed Knights designer Jay Barnson has announced that his upcoming indie RPG has become something of a three-headed beast, and that he'll be breaking it out into three separate acts that tie into one overall story arc.
Anyway, the bottom-line is that the game has expanded. A Lot. While we're still guesstimating as pieces have been coming together, we're possibly looking at the game being four or five times bigger than it was ever intended to be. Which means, for practical purposes, in the time and effort it's taking us to get Frayed Knights done, we could have done four more games.

So what was originally intended to be a quick-and-dirty RPG project to help me (get my feet wet) in developing indie RPGs has turned into a gigantic three-act monster.

So to get this bad boy under control, I could either aggressively shrink the scope of the project something I'm too sucky of a project manager and too egotistical as a designer to do or ..

Cue Big News fanfare (for the five or six people who might care and don't know already).

. We could break the project up into its three acts as separate, smaller, cheaper games.

This feels like a very natural move. I'd been fretting recently that the three acts were too self-contained, and I'd gone out of my way to force the player to go between areas that (belonged) in separate acts. I have to undo a little bit of work here, but the game breaks very naturally along these three lines. It feels like I've been subconsciously planning this all along.
Sounds reasonable to me, as long as we get at least a few hours out of each act.