BioWare's Ray Muzyka Wants to Develop More PS3 Titles

Speaking with NowGamer about the PlayStation 3's recent round of success, BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka claims that he'd "love" to develop more PS3 titles, though he isn't willing to reveal any of their future projects just yet.
Price was also an issue in the past, with the prohibitive cost of consoles scaring developers away from expending effort on a console with a limited user base. (I personally don't think there's much difference between developing a game on PS3 or Xbox 360 any more, but I think it used to be quite difficult partly because the machine was so expensive,) Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito told us. (But it's not expensive any more so it's not an issue.) Ray Muzyka was equally dismissive of the price concerns that once dogged the PS3. (I think it's a huge opportunity with the pricing changes, now the platform is definitely on the upswing and there are some great games coming,) he enthused. (We're planning to work more on it. We haven't announced any future projects, but I'd love to see more BioWare games launch on PS3.)
Considering that a dual layer Blu-ray disc can hold 50+ GB of data, they could conceivably release the entire Mass Effect trilogy as one massive bundle pack. Not only would it open up a whole new audience, but there are probably a lot of people that would buy the games again just to have everything (including DLC content) on one disc. Seems like a win/win.