Spiderweb Software Interviews

We're apparently not the only ones who chatted up Spiderweb's Jeff Vogel recently, as his newsfeed is also pointing to interviews on CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog and MacGamer. You'll find that the former is quite lean:
3/ Out of all the games you've created, which one are you proudest of and why?

Maybe Avernum 5. It just seemed to have the right mix of action, story, and cool setting.

4/ What is the most difficult aspect of making a CRPG?

The day to day grind of making the world, especially after beta testing is also taking up lots of time. It's a slow, painstaking grind.

While the latter has a bit more content to chew on:
So tell us something about the future. Avernum has come to a glorious end after so many years, but I know you're not done. Give us some teasers.

Right now, we are working on an all-new RPG series. We've heavily revamped our basic engine. We're making a new game system, new world, new storyline, new graphics. It will play very differently from our previous games, but it will still have much of that old Spiderweb flavor.

The fundamental sort of game will be the same. A RPG, a class-based system, turn-based combat. And it'll be low-budget and retro like everything else we've ever done. But we're going the extra mile to make it the most attractive game Spiderweb has ever made.