Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Cheat Code Central is next in line with a quick preview of Fallout: New Vegas, though it appears to be based on the same info we've seen in recent magazine articles.
The V.A.T.S. system from Fallout 3 is returning in New Vegas, which allows you to freeze the action and strategically target specific enemies and their individual parts. A new upgrade to V.A.T.S. adds special attacks with unique effects to melee weapons. For example, a golf club weapon called the 9 Iron has a special attack that can potentially knock enemies off their feet. If getting up close and personal isn't your thing, New Vegas still has plenty to keep you satisfied. New Vegas features twice as many firearms as Fallout 3, including ridiculously powerful weapons like a rapid-fire grenade launcher and the Helios One orbital laser. You can even customize your weapons with scopes, larger magazines, and more.
At least we can expect lots of new info next month, once the embargo is lifted on the recent Las Vegas press event.