Freedom Force Man-Bot Concept Art

Another "From the Vault" feature is up on the official Irrational Games website, with this latest addition highlighting some previously unreleased concept art for Man-Bot, the metal-plated superhero from both Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. Artist Robb Waters shares some history about a couple of the pictures, too:
(The black and white Man-Bot picture is the first I ever drew of him. I drew this before I even started at Irrational.

(Way back in 2000, I cold-called Irrational when I was looking to get back into the industry, to see what project they were working on. I spoke to Ken and he told me they were making an original superhero game called Freedom Force. He rattled off a few names of potential characters he had in mind to give me the flavor of the game. When he said (Man-Bot) I instantly envisioned this guy in a metallic Snuffleupagus suit and faxed the drawing over along with my resume. Ken loved it. I think seeing my take on the character and potential vibe of the project secured me a seat at Irrational. Of course I cringe looking at the drawing now, but the design of the character ended up more or less the same.)