A Tribute to Two Worlds

Calling it the Xbox 360's best "bad" game, the editors at OXM have whipped up a hilarious tribute to the many faults that seeped into Reality Pump's Two Worlds.
Horses You Can't Control

You could level up your horse-riding skill but how would that change how you control a horse, you may ask? Because you can't actually control it. The horse quite literally had a mind of its own, went wherever it wanted, did whatever it wanted to do. You had minimal influence and this problem was so hilariously, unbelievably, incredibly bad that it was actually toned down with a patch to the point where the feature was almost completely eradicated.


The Dialogue

The absolute star of Two Worlds and the first thing that set it on the road to being the cult game it is today. The script was clearly written with ye olde Englishe in mind but ended up being... well, something entirely different, with 'forsooth', 'verily' and 'mayhap' being dropped in conversations with reckless abandon and read out by a voice-actor who sounds far too enthusiastic. The incidental dialogue is also brilliant, whether it starts raining ("drip... drop... drip... drop..."), you respawn ("once again"), level up ("I'm the best!") or spot a pack of wolves ("ahhh... bandits!").
Even if you liked the game, you can't help but crack a smile at some of these, er, blemishes.