Mass Effect 2 Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC Reviews

A few more websites have slapped up reviews for BioWare's recently released Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC for Mass Effect 2.

PALGN gives it a "Worth Buying" verdict:
Kasumi's Stolen Memory maintains the excellent production values that we saw in Mass Effect 2, with slick presentation, flawless gameplay, a captivating new soundtrack and faultless voice acting. Special mention should be made of Kasumi's voice work, which expertly adds shades of mystery and emotion to the character. The only real remaining question is whether the content is worth the price of admission. Mass Effect fans will unquestionably what to experience Kasumi's quest, which plays like and as is every bit as good any other Mass Effect 2 mission. For everything it offers, the price may seem a tad high, but the feeling you come away with after playing negates any misgivings as to cost. Kasumi's Stolen Memory is an enthralling new Mass Effect adventure that epitomises BioWare's talents in role-playing and storytelling, and should not be missed.

Gaming Nexus gives it a "B":
While what is there in the PDLC is fun to tinker with - particularly Kasumi's unique fighting abilities - it feels like too little too late in the game if you've already completed the missions available to you. Kasumi's loyalty mission and her abilities as a combat partner are certainly enjoyable, but there won't be enough content to utilize her with if you've already finished the game and don't plan on re-embarking with a fresh start.

And GameZone gives it a 6.0/10:
An absolute disappointment when compared to the expectations that are attached to DLC packs that are this expensive. Kasumi Stolen Memory needed to be longer and provide more back-story to the troubled thief.