2.0 Preview

After spending some time with the StarCraft II beta, the editors at Ten Ton Hammer have put together a short preview of the enhancements and changes headed our way in revision 2.0 of Blizzard's popular multiplayer service, The Diablo and Warcraft games (including World of Warcraft) will obviously be migrated over to 2.0 in the coming months, too:
Resembling something from Steam, the friends list of 2.0 can be pulled up at any time and can notify you of people logging in or logging out. There are now two types of friends. One of course, is the general Starcraft II friend. All you need is a Nickname and Identifier and you can add that punk that just whipped you and ask for a rematch. The second is the Real ID friend. This requires you to also know the person's email address, but provides you with more information on the player, their actual name (You know them already, right?), and you can rename them with tags to note what games they're playing at the moment, their race, or anything else of interest. A simple right click of any friend enables you to invite them to a party!