Prepare For the Future by Buying Some Vault Space

I suppose it's possible that this is some sort of marketing ploy for Fallout: New Vegas, but it appears that some company intends to start selling living space in underground vault-like bunkers ("Vivos complexes") between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for $50,000 per person. Up to 200 people can squeeze in and ride out any future nuclear blasts:
'˜The Vivos complexes are deep underground, airtight, self-contained, blastproof shelters,' said Robert Vicino, founder of the California-based company.

'˜They are designed to survive virtually any catastrophe or threat scenario, including natural disasters, a nuclear blast, chemical and biological weapons or even widespread social anarchy.'

More than 1,000 people have applied for a place in the first of 20 apocalyptic safe houses, under construction midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The company plans to sell 4,000 units, with bunkers built within 240km (150 miles) of major US cities. The cost of admission is $50,000 (£33,000).

Children go half-price and pre-vaccinated, flea-free pet cats and dogs will be let in free.

'˜We are not promoting the fear, we are providing the solution,' claimed the company. Each of the £6.5million facilities will hold enough food, fuel, water, clothing and medical supplies for 200 people to survive for a year 9m (30ft) underground.

And while they're there, '˜the chosen few' as they're referred to on the Vivos website will be able to enjoy lounge areas, cinemas, libraries, medical facilities, exercise equipment and private rooms.

There are even communication tools, a security force and a '˜detention area'.

Mr Vicino concluded: '˜We want as much diversity and as many skills as possible to support one another 200 doctors and no plumbers could be a real disaster.'
The mockup images on the official website are nothing short of awesome. Now we can all ride out the post-nuclear wasteland in style.