Mass Effect 2 Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC Reviews

I have another dose of Kasumi - Stolen Memory reviews for you to sift through, just in case you're still holding out on the Mass Effect 2 DLC.

The Game Reviews gives it a "Skip" verdict:
Because of this, those who download "Kasumi - Stolen Memory" are likely to be disappointed, especially when that time could have been used to begin a second (or third) playthrough of the game's main quest. While Mass Effect completionists might enjoy what's offered here, casual fans would be best served sitting this mission out.

Console Monster gives it a 40%:
For the first paid for DLC this is a poor effort, particularly given some of the great content BioWare has released in the past of this format. Unless you really need the fifteen GamerScore for completing the mission, I'd suggest even as a big Mass Effect fan, that you save your money for something else, or wait for this to become a (Deal of the Week).

Game Revolution gives it a "C+":
With that in mind, this DLC is intended to be played as you're making your way through the suicide mission storyline and not in the aftermath. If you are just playing (or replaying) through Mass Effect 2, then grab this DLC and inject the added content into your adventure. But if you have been done with the game for a while, a lone new Achievement, an added team member, a very short new mission, and a scrap of new loot may not be enough for extended service aboard the Normandy.

And GamerNode gives it a 6.0/10:
It's not that "Kasumi - Stolen Memory" is bad content, it's just disappointing and seems like a missed opportunity. It also doesn't help that the amount and quality of that content is comparable to something that is already free. And I'm not complaining that this DLC costs money either, but it seems like it might have made more sense to release it for free and charge for something more substantial down the road, like Bring Down The Sky for ME 1. However, this not the case, and I can only recommend "Kasumi - Stolen Memory" for the hardcore ME 2 fans eagerly looking to expand their experience with this incredible game.