Mount & Blade: Warband Reviews

A handful of new reviews for TaleWorlds' Mount & Blade: Warband have surfaced this week, so I thought I'd go ahead and break them all down.

IGN gives it an 8.1/10:
Combining hardcore roleplaying with deep combat, and throwing in a Counterstrike-esque multiplayer mode, this sort-of-budget game has more longevity than most full-priced, big-name-studio games. If you can get past the ugly façade, Mount and Blade: Warband is well worth a look.

Strategy Informer gives it a 9.1/10:
It's like we said in our preview - Warband is a huge improvement over the original game, but we'd have to wait for a sequel in order to see anything really new and exciting (aside from multiplayer I guess)... the only problem is though, is that this IS the sequel, apparently. It's slightly misleading, but then the description pretty much confirms it's the same game anyway. If you loved the original, you'll love this, and I'd recommend it to new audiences as well. A highly-addictive, realistic and immersive game for you to get involved with. Now all they need to do is fix the camera panning.

Elder Geek gives it a "Worth Buying" verdict:
If you can truly say to yourself, (visuals don't matter at all to me,) or if you're a fan of the original Mount & Blade, then there is no reason to put off purchasing Warband. It is truly a game meant for adults. Be happy you're part of the (in) crowd.

And Gamedot doesn't give it a score:
If RPG's are your thing and you can get past the poor graphics, don't pass this up if you can get a crack at a demo and learn the controls. If you like sim style games where you start from nothing and become a King or Queen, then again give this a spin. Or if you're looking for some innovation beyond the norm' and the plague of FPS titles out there, you could find yourself enjoying quite a good game. It's not perfect and probably isn't for everyone, but if you have enough time to invest then you won't be disappointed.