Realms of Arkania Series Retrospective

A brief retrospective feature for Sir-tech and Attic Entertainment's Realms of Arkania series is up at Hardcore Gaming 101, providing a quick summary of the RPG trilogy for those of you who never had a chance to check it out during the 90's.
Because all three games take place in the northern part of the continent Arkania, the series is also known as the Northern Reaches Trilogy, or Northlands Trilogy (Nordland-Trilogie in German). However, even within this limited area, every game covers a different region and there's a lot of traveling involved, except for the last part. While the Thorwalians in the first game are clearly inspired by Vikings, the Swelltdale the party travels through in the second one conveys a much more central European feeling, and in some areas, elves and dwarves are much discriminated against (Dragon Age Origins sends its regards...). However, that is nothing compared to the fate of the Holberkians, a mixed brood of elves and orcs that live in a ghetto in Riva, where the concluding episode takes place. All three areas have one thing in common: They are all constantly endangered by the orbish threat.
Thanks, RPG Codex.