Mass Effect 2 Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC Reviews

Three more reviews of Mass Effect 2's latest DLC package are online, though none of them are all that favorable.

GameSpot gives it a 6.5/10:
Once you return to the Normandy, you may chat with Kasumi a bit more by selecting a few of her personal items in her quarters, but once the quest is done, so too is her character development. You get an extra gun for your trouble, as well as a bar where Shepard can get smashed, if you're so inclined. These are welcome rewards, though they don't add significant value considering the add-on's cost. This is especially true if you have finished the game before tackling the new content; $7 is a bit steep considering the inconsistent quality of this hour-long mission. Kasumi - Stolen Memory is still worth a look, but it won't leave you with any lasting memories of your own.

Ars Technica gives it a "Skip" verdict:
The content is high-quality, and is a great time, but at the current price the offering feels a little slim. It's not quite enough to entice players to dust off the game if they've already beaten it, but if you're a completist you may have already picked up the download. It's a not a terrible way to spend your money, but the value just isn't all the way there.

Patient gamers will most likely get this for a discount in a future sale, and waiting for that is probably the best advice.

And Gamer Limit gives it a 7.0/10:
This short lived DLC, while fun, is just not enough to warrant a purchase for those looking to play it standalone. However, if you will be playing this DLC during a playthrough of the game itself, it may be worth it. And given that Mass Effect 2 is meant to be played multiple times, it may just be enough of an excuse to finally get that Hardcore playthrough done.