Dragon Age Comic Book Issue #1 Review

Should you be wondering if the first issue of IDW Publishing's Dragon Age comic book series is worth its $3.99 cover price, there's a quick review for you to read through over at gamr.
Readers are greeted immediately by the familiar locale of the Circle Tower in Ferelden and find the pages soon graced by the equally familiar character of Gregoir, leader of the Tower's Templars. This somewhat younger version of the taciturn head mage-watchdog is, if it can be imagined, much less nice and a sight more prejudiced as well. It is likely that Gregoir will be the first of many such character cameos and references in the issues to come, as they help connect and engage DA:O fans.


So far, the story is both engaging and fun, keeping with the dark and gritty tone, turmoil and emotional intrigues set by the game. The art in the comic is a bit cartoony in nature, however, and may be a bit distracting for those who are more used to the realistic graphics style of Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening. Have no fear, though! The theme has been well translated into the modern comics genre, with no shying away from the less kid-friendly aspects of the original game.