Mythos Headed to Russia

HanbitSoft and GFI Company sent out a press release early this morning announcing an agreement to localize and publish Mythos (the action RPG formerly developed by the now defunct Flagship Studios) in Russia later this year.
GFI company, one of the leading Russian publishers and developers as well as the operator of popular online games and HBS & T3 entertainment company, the leading Korean developer and publisher of MMO games announce their agreement to localize and publish the online game Mythos in Russia.

Mythos is a MMO game that is distributed on free-to-play model. The players will find themselves in the fantasy world of Uld, which is being reunited after the long time war.

The online players will like the easy point&click system, isometric perspective and randomly generated dungeons, which will be really interesting for experienced and demanding players, because they will always find something new in these dungeons.

The player will be able to choose from four playable races: Humans, Satyrs, Gremlins and Cyclops. Each of them will have the unique skills and talents and in combination with various classes every player will be able to create a suitable character.

Mythos is the entrance to the world of riddles and mysteries where something new is happening every minute.

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