Mount & Blade: Warband v1.104 Patch Released

TaleWorlds has been busy kicking out patches since the release of Mount & Blade: Warband, with the latest revision being v1.104. Those of you playing the Steam version will automatically receive the patches, but standalone versions of the patch, demo, and dedicated server can be downloaded from WorthPlaying or AtomicGamer. Here are the notes for v1.103 and v1.104:
Version 1.104 changes:
'¢ Fixed multi-player server list not being populated in some cases.
'¢ Fixed game freezing on some systems when the monitor was set to a non-native resolution.
'¢ Fixed some textures being showed as black on some systems.

Version 1.103 changes:
'¢ Added option to set couched-lance control to manual/automatic.
'¢ Fixed translation for Polish, Hungarian and Czech languages.
'¢ Fixed bug that caused the player lose his fiefs when he switched to another kingdom.
'¢ Various other bug fixes.