Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Reviews

The holiday weekend brings us a couple more reviews for BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening addon, and they both tend to be on the favorable side.

Explicit Gamer arrives at a 7.6/10:
Despite the fragmented story in Awakening, it was still rather fun to play. However the short play time, coupled with the various bugs and the generally uninteresting new characters make me think I paid too much for it. Charging Forty Dollars for less than Fifteen hours of gameplay is a bit on the absurd side. And putting it on a disc was a complete waste. I know it's available as DLC as well, but that should have been the only place it was. And it should have cost no more than Twenty dollars, and even that's a little bit of a stretch.

While 2404.org arrives at an 8.1/10:
...when distilled down to its core, I did enjoy Awakening a little bit more than I did Origins. I found the focus in the story to be very strong, and I always felt like what I was doing was important or building towards some goal. Perhaps Origins would have benefitted from a bit more focus and less needless map screen marching, which still makes an appearance here but is far less annoying. I would love to describe and discuss the ending and my observations about the importance of the decisions you make within the game, but that would add far too many spoilers to a simple review (expect an upcoming blog discussion). Overall Awakening is an expensive but fun extension to a quality game and easily recommended to fans of the series.