The Future of EverQuest II

EverQuest II senior producer Alan Crosby made an impromptu appearance on the EverQuest II forums to provide a "high level update" on what the team is currently working on and what we should expect from the MMORPG sequel in the months and years ahead. A couple of excerpts:
I am going to try something new and try to provide a high level update of where we are headed with EQII. I would caveat that anything talked about as being in the planning stages, e.g. not actually on release notes, is subject to change. That said our next update is planned for the month of May. We have a lot planned for this update, not the least of which is to continue to improve live game performance. Some servers are struggling a bit with the new load created by returning players, Battlegrounds, more items in the database, etc and are not reacting well. This is our engineering team's number one priority. They are working hard with our Database Operations folks to figure out what is causing the issue and how best to correct it. They are streamlining database queries and cleaning up old data. This will be an ongoing effort and is of great importance to our team, especially Rothgar, our lead engineer, as you may have noted through his hundreds of posts.


We will continue to support the Battlegrounds, making changes to abilities that we find to be over- or under-powered, adding new rewards, and some new maps for players to enjoy. Battlegrounds are going to be a constantly evolving feature as we tweak it towards perfection. Remember this is still the pre-season, while we work out some of the issues, most of which are related to the amount of database traffic they generate, as they seem to be pretty popular.