Din's Curse v0.912 Beta Patch Released

Soldak Entertainment continues to roll out beta updates for their upcoming action RPG Din's Curse, with the latest revision being v0.912. The notes:
'¢ fixed female escort npcs not having weapons
'¢ escort npcs can now use objects like lifestones to heal
'¢ added a Fight with X quest
'¢ added a mini-volcano object (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ quest monsters now ignore level difference for aggression purposes
'¢ can now mark things are DontSave easier
'¢ volcano magma no longer saves
'¢ holding position will now interrupt movement when on the way to attack/talk/use (udm)
'¢ added a show clock option (Arlow)
'¢ added more room for options on game options screen
'¢ fixed keyboard options background
'¢ added game time to player logs (FloodSpectre)
'¢ earthquakes and cave ins can now damage objects
'¢ added a hotkey to target next enemy in sight (Valgor)
'¢ added next enemy in sight to possible mouse wheel actions
'¢ now when an npc dies they leave behind a lootable body (Cadfan)
'¢ tweaked steam max distance stuff some
'¢ rearranged character menu a little
'¢ added Other Stats page to character screen
'¢ added perception, disarm trap, lock picking, armor piercing, and light intensity to Other Stats page
'¢ added critical hit, crushing blow, stunning blow, and deep wounds to Other Stats page
'¢ added critical heal, magic critical hit, and magic crushing blow to Other Stats page
'¢ added find extra money, find items chance, magic find chance, health regen, and mana regen to Other Stats page
'¢ removed base mana regen from intelligence and spirit regen print info
'¢ changed protocol number to 6
'¢ fixed escaped prisoner text (Gorgarax)
'¢ added a starting message to each town
'¢ now print world modifiers at beginning of each town
'¢ earthquake entities no longer save (Aet)
'¢ added mini volcano to magma world modifier
'¢ the town now sometimes erects a statue for the hero (peirceg)
'¢ now show time left on status effects (Aganazer)
'¢ increased support beam spawnchance from 20.0 to 50.0 (udm)
'¢ improved background on create character screen
'¢ improved choose specialty screen
'¢ improved background on keyboard options screen
'¢ moved canSee stuff from Sentient to Entity
'¢ now projectiles like Arcane Swarm will only target enemies in sight (Aganazer)
'¢ made a slight change to player movement that might fix an issue on really fast computers with monitor sync off
'¢ now npcs sometimes give the player random gifts
'¢ now sometimes npcs rescue themselves (peirceg)
'¢ regen obelisk now scales with level (Cadfan)
'¢ now Din's quests are no longer tied to world difficulty (Gorgarax)
'¢ increased large reward chest IncreasedMagicChance from 1200 to 1500
'¢ fixed quest solved text not printing
'¢ changed show solved text to gold to stand out a bit more
'¢ fixed decline quest background (FloodSpectre)
'¢ ice storms now leave ice on ground that doesn't save
'¢ fixed starting next quest in line if first was a bad quest (leads to 1000s of quest tries)
'¢ holy shield obelisks now absorb all damage for 10 seconds instead of 200 damage or 30 seconds (FloodSpectre)
'¢ made stuns not work on inanimate objects (getter77)
'¢ fixed a problem when invisible creatures are also gargoyles (Arne)
'¢ now monsters from meeting quest stick around if player fails the quest (Cadfan)
'¢ now monsters won't specifically try to build machines until level 5
'¢ now new lights fade in
'¢ increased torch LightFalloff from 30 to 40
'¢ Earth Mastery no longer says improves Earth Link (Eisenfaust86)
'¢ item procs no longer interrupt skills (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ changed Object has been destroyed message slightly (FloodSpectre)
'¢ keys now properly get used on cursed characters (Caal)
'¢ fixed LightRed color name
'¢ changed the lich texture (Iane/Kreb)
'¢ unknown gates no longer have sound (Cadfan)
'¢ nagas/saurians now hate dark elves and vice versa (FloodSpectre)
'¢ added a Wars world modifier
'¢ fixed reseting teleport stone correctly after winning a town and going straight over to a new one (TheRani)
'¢ hidden quests are a bit faster (good consequence and makes them known sooner) (Worthstream)
'¢ zeal has a little more variety to sound now
'¢ fixed a faction saving issue
'¢ now try to start the world with the deepest quest being one of the more epic quests
'¢ can no longer get multiple conditional hits because of 1 trigger (like riposte/block)
'¢ monsters can no longer hide if they are a quest monster
'¢ fixed quest question background
'¢ made Cleavers, Great Axes, Blades, Pugios, Double Flails, Studded Maces, Giant Hammers, War Martels, War Staffs, Falchions, Machetes, Flamberges, and Great Swords 10% slower (tg122)
'¢ made Franciscas, Tomahawks, Executioner Axes, Stilettos, Flails, War Mauls, Quarterstaffs, Rapiers, Sabers, Warlord Swords, Warrioress Swords 10% faster (tg122)
'¢ decreased unknown gates spawn chance from 2.0 to 1.5
'¢ added town name to win screen
'¢ added biggest accomplishment, most impressive kill, quests, and npcs killed to summary on win screen
'¢ ice elementals now leave behind temporary ice (RoanokeKeeper)
'¢ added 4 voice overs for Din quests
'¢ fixed text for Din's busy work quest
'¢ increased quest time mult in fast pace option from -0.333 to -0.4 (Cadfan/udm)
'¢ stress test stuff can now be turned off
'¢ no longer print fail quest message with no quest title
'¢ fixed shrunk text from assassin and scout
'¢ monsters attacking town now tell you why
'¢ monster scout quest now prints message about why you failed
'¢ fixed some more quest punctuation
'¢ now normal attack skills in right click slots (and others) update correctly (tkirby2003)
'¢ fixed a bunch of typos in the npc chats (FloodSpectre)
'¢ added an all attributes magic modifier (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ pets now default to aggressive
'¢ now can change the stance of your pets (aggressive/defensive) (Heinosity)
'¢ pet skeleton archers now shoot faster and have homing arrows (incognoscente)
'¢ summoned skeletons now start out faster
'¢ added a check to make sure unique monster spotted are indeed at least unique (FloodSpectre)
'¢ fixed a group success issue
'¢ added DSL to min internet connection for multiplayer
'¢ right clicking on a door when an attack skill is setup for right click will now use the skill (bbragnar)
'¢ fixed unknown gates confusing world map and taking place of normal gates (transigent8)
'¢ fixed background on some multiplayer screens
'¢ now save key file out with better permissions on Mac (Nightwand)
'¢ fixed some editor backgrounds