Arcania: A Gothic Tale Renamed to Arcania: Gothic 4

Polish website claims to have word from Arcania community manager Reinhard Pollice that JoWooD's forthcoming RPG has been renamed to Arcania: Gothic 4.
Recently, the CD Project Spring Conference 2010, there were rumors on the web about this, that one of the envoys JoWooD announced a change for the fourth part of a series of Gothic. According to him, Arcania: A Gothic Tale, now known as Arcania: Gothic 4. In view of the many discussions on this topic, to clarify the matter, we asked the community manager Reinhard "Megalomaniac" Pollice asking JoWooD official position on this issue. The reply we received a few hours after sending an e-mail and to our surprise, it sounded...

Yes, its Arcania: Gothic 4 now.
I don't remember the reasoning behind their decision not to call it Gothic 4 in the first place, but, if true, this will probably be a boon to the game's overall sales when it's released later this year.