D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited Update 4 Previews

Turbine has been showing off their next major content update for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited at PAX East, so it comes as no surprise that another hands-on preview and a sixteen-minute video preview have surfaced on the Internet. From Massively:
The cosmetic changes that came to House Deneith with Update 3, highlighting the military feel of the House, served as a hint of more to come in that area: "that was all part of rolling out the Sentinels Adventure Pack" said Paiz. Those in House Denieth are part of an elite group of mercenaries that serve as Stormreach's enforcers -- they keep the peace, and currently they've got their work cut out for them. The Blood Tide is a group of pirates with an interesting business plan: they're hijacking all the ships coming into Stormreach, and selling the stolen goods back to the citizens of Stormreach at a nice profit.

For all their flaws, the pirates are a pretty organized bunch and have set up a pirate mart in Searing Heights for this purpose. Your first quest takes you out there to shut it down. (Sorry, you can't loot the store yourself after you're finished.) Afterwards, it's off to the Black Loch, a pirate hideout you'll remember from Three-Barrel Cove. The pirates of the Black Loch don't like the invading Blood Tide any more than we do, and have called upon House Deneith to help clear them out.

This is where you learn a little more about the Black Tide. They're not just interested in breaking into the retail business, and running around slaying pirates right and left isn't going to work for you. The Black Tide is working with a particularly unpleasant necromancer, and he's helping them out by resurrecting the pirates that you kill as a new breed of intelligent zombie. These zombie pirates retain their intelligence and are able to cast spells, use weapons, and all sorts of things that make them more dangerous than the shambling, "Braaaaaaains"-mumbling kind we're used to. Taking out the necromancer seems to see the way to go, so that's your goal here.