Dragon Age: Origins: The Truth in Ferelden

The folks over at GreyWardens.com let us know that they've editorialized about the way information is disseminated in Dragon Age: Origins and how it can make the game's decisions more difficult. As they put it, "the truth depends on who you're talking to":
It's a grim picture of Ferelden's future. On a first playthrough, you don't know that the country will get along just fine if Anora remains Queen. You're left to decide the best course of action, based only on what you've been told. But is what you've been told true? It might seem that Eamon is genuinely concerned for the future of the country. If you look deeper, however, you can see hints that perhaps there is more to his desire to see Alistair on the throne than fear for Ferelden's future.

Speak to Eamon before the Landsmeet and ask him about Alistair's suitability for ruling, and he will extol Alistair's potential as King. The ex-templar knows how to lead troops, he tells you, how defend his lands, and how to do what is right. But the Arl goes on to say that if all that training fails him, Alistair will know who to turn to for help the Arl himself. More than once, Loghain makes reference to Eamon attempting to gain power. At the Landsmeet, he blatantly calls Alistair a puppet king, insinuating that Eamon, the Orlesians, or the Grey Wardens or any combination of those will be pulling the strings.