GB Feature: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Content Overload

I've literally been eating, sleeping, and breathing Awakening since the 16th, though it wasn't until this morning that I'm finally ready to kick off all of the content we've been putting together for the expansion. Of particular importance is our expanded equipment database, which now sports a total of 1581 items (446 from Awakening alone). Furthermore, we've updated our codex database, companions section, specializations section, skills database, talents database, PC achievements section, and Xbox 360 achievements section with all of the new data from the expansion pack.

We've also started building a fully annotated walkthrough, and it'll be fleshed out over the coming weeks per our normal walkthrough routine (our walkthrough for the main Origins campaign is also nearing completion, by the way). Finally, our set items database will be seeing a massive amount of new expansion content by the weekend. Stay tuned!