Five Superhero Video Games Worth Mentioning

The editors at GamerZines have cranked out profiles for what they consider to be the five best superhero-themed video games ever released, and three of them happen to be action RPGs: X-Men Legends (#5), Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (#4), and Freedom Force (#1). I know Arkham Asylum is pretty good, but Irrational's original entry certainly deserves the top spot:
The unique comic-book style of Freedom Force is part of its charm, but it's also clear that the developer, writers and artists love working on this game - the attention to detail is incredible. You can interact with everything. It's a quality production, introducing you to the super-heroes with perfectly drawn and often funny comic-book vignettes that capture the humour of comic books superbly. Even now, with its style, brilliantly implemented combat system and fine attention to detail, there isn't a superhero game that can compete with it. It brings back some fine memories.