Hooray For Star Wars Games, Part One

Go! Gaming Giant has started profiling some of the top Star Wars video games ever developed, and it comes as no surprise that BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is first on their list.
An obvious choice to show off the greatness of Star Wars video games, because of the combat system and great story line; it made Star Wars video games live up to the epic feel of the original trilogy. KOTOR was excellent because of the Sith/Jedi decisions that would affect the outcome of the game, it was an interesting turn of events since all other star wars games were based around being either a Rebel or a Jedi. It also gave Star Wars fans the chance to check out the history and mythology of the Star Wars universe since it took place thousands of years before the original trilogy. Released in 2004 for the Xbox and PC, KOTOR has been a best seller and a critical success and has been well liked by loyal Star Wars fans.
Hopefully the controversial yet excellent sequel gets mentioned in their next installment.