Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Reviews

The weekend has brought us a couple more reviews for BioWare's newly released Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion pack.

We start off at NowGamer, where they've given the PC version an 8.7/10:
Dragon Age geeks will be all over the raised level cap, but a satisfactory amount of bang per buck for your twenty quid and the change of pace is more than welcome too.
And then Empire goes for a 3/5:
But while there's little actually wrong with Awakening, the game doggedly follows the structure of its predecessor, to the point where you'll be convinced you've played through certain challenges before. And while the adventure's moral framework and explosive new spells are fun, this is one of the few BioWare quests that doesn't grab you by throat and weave you inextricably into the experience.