Two Worlds II Preview

One of the more informative previews of Two Worlds II we've seen to date comes to us via the Inside Two Worlds forums, where the author actually managed to get his hands on the RPG sequel during a visit to Zuxxez Entertainment's headquarters near Karslruhe, Germany.
What we saw up until now was very impressive. The GRACE engine is able to make areas look as realistic as possible. The lights and shadows are calculated in real-time. So if you run into a rope tied to a source of light, it swings back and forth, creating realistic shadow projection on the floor and on the ceiling. Also you won't find repetitive textures here. The old dungeon looks very plastic. The library looks great too with its large globe and thousands of books. And here we come to a new improvement. In Two Worlds 2 you are able to actually read books (remember Oblivion?). Books start with 15 pages and can go up to around 50-60 pages full of information. You can get information of people, of the land, of spells, of treasures and so on. Some books can give you new quests, some may lead you to old and hidden treasures, other books can grant you a new skill. So you should definitely read them. Quests found in books are possible to get from NPC's too. But treasures, teleporter locations, skills or hidden locations can only be found in books. So read them to find out everything.


The dungeons were also completely remade. In the mines of Hatmandor human made passages and natural caverns take turns. Below the desert cities you will find dungeons that look like old Egyptian Tombs in which you are attacked by mummies and skeletons.

All dungeons are mostly illuminated by natural sources of light. So you won't stumble through complete darkness, not knowing where you are. Fireflies light some of the natural caverns, their shimmery green fits perfectly to the maps. Reality Pump created realistic shining torches to illuminate other dungeons. The sparks, the heat and the smoke from a torch look realistic.
Thanks, RPGWatch.