Mass Effect 2 Kasumi's Stolen Memory DLC Preview

MTV Multiplayer has published a few more details about Kasumi's Stolen Memory, the newly announced Mass Effect 2 DLC that's currently slated for an April release date. As you may recall, this will be the first addon that'll cost you a fistful of dollars:
Unlike the vast majority of the missions in "Mass Effect 2," the PDLC will be much less combat-focused, at least to start. Shepard needs to infiltrate a high society party in order to get close to the object of Kasumi's desire, locked away in an underground vault underneath a mansion.

The first portion of the mission has you going undercover as a party guest, allowing you to case the joint and get a feel for the security. According to Casey Hudson, the game director of "Mass Effect 2," James Bond was a definitely inspiration for the mission, as it requires some smarts and style as well as combat skills.

Once you get into the vault, things go south and you'll definitely have to do some wet work to make it out alive. Thankfully, the mission will gift you a brand new SMG, which should please non-Soldier classes.