Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Interview

There's a new interview with BioWare's Ferret Baudoin up at GameSpot, during which the Awakening lead designer tackles questions about the expansion's new skills and specializations, the new monsters we'll be up against, what we should expect from the new storyline, and more.
GS: We know that the expansion will challenge players with new foes like the Children, which are part of the new brood of darkspawn. Tell us about some of these foes and the new threats they offer.

FB: The Children are one of the creepiest monsters in Dragon Age. The artists really outdid themselves. In their larval stage, they aren't especially deadly--unless they swarm. When that happens, they have a penchant for overwhelming party members and feeding on them unless they are bashed off or killed.

If one of the Children eats enough, it can evolve. They'll eat anything--you, Velanna, other darkspawn. So things can get scary fast, and it can become a race to kill them before you're surrounded by increasingly dangerous foes.

In their final phase, the Children are especially brutal with quick strikes, area-based attacks, and worse. When one of the Children pop out of hiding, it can really make you jump in your seat. They're trouble.