GB Feature: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Interview

If you'd like to soak up some more information about Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, you should check out our new interview with lead designer Ferret Baudoin. There was a significant delay on the interview's turnaround, though, so some of the questions and answers are a little outdated. A small sampling:
GB: Can you tell us anything about the new specializations you're adding in the expansion? What character roles are you hoping to accommodate with them?

Ferret: Each class has two specializations, for a total of six. When we were designing the specializations for Awakening we were looking to add real color with them. So you have mage specialties like the Dalish Keeper which can summon the forces of mother earth herself creating a tangle of vines around the caster to ensnare and damage any enemies foolish enough to get nearby. An ability that only gets more powerful as you pick up more spells in that chain.

The new specializations adds a lot of color to your existing characters and add some neat new tricks and tactics to use against the many enemies you will face in Awakening.