Din's Curse v0.907 Beta Patch Released

Soldak Entertainment continues to roll out beta updates for their upcoming action RPG Din's Curse, with the latest revision being v0.907. The notes:
'¢ fixed thief quest being insanely fast (left some debugging stuff in) (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ paladin mail skill no longer maxes at skill level 1 (timeh)
'¢ fixed ShadowSlayer having frost nova proc (now arctic shard proc)
'¢ increased ColdImbued3 ExtraMinDamagePercentCold from 0 to 25
'¢ decreased FireImbued3 damage from 100/200 to 75/150
'¢ decreased LightningImbued3 damage from 100/200 to 75/150
'¢ decreased PoisonImbued3 damage from 100/200 to 75/150
'¢ decreased ElementalImbued3 damage from 100/200 to 75/150
'¢ decreased Berserk mana from 6 to 4
'¢ increased item proc chances by 50% (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ decreased changes of renegade causing problems (they are more active as it is) (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ reset fog of war on world map now makes an exception for gate positions (Cadfan)
'¢ increased monsters resistance per level from 2.0 to 3.0
'¢ changed holy bolt text
'¢ decreased holy bolt damage slightly from 5-15 to 5-13
'¢ thorns and fire shield monster enhancements now have a limited range (ShaggyMoose)
'¢ fixed secret doors that are attached to triggers
'¢ fixed a bunch of poison spellings (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ fixed Yuxi's Gloves (FloodSpectre)
'¢ changed protocol version to 4
'¢ added a teleport stone that can be used once per world
'¢ increased Death Knights defense mult from 1.0 to 1.5 (FloodSpectre)
'¢ fixed fake orc texture (Valgor)
'¢ fixed treasure horde wording (FloodSpectre)
'¢ fixed weren't quite dead typo (FloodSpectre)
'¢ reworded 1 of the war against town quests a bit (FloodSpectre)
'¢ reworded secret doors help topic a bit (FloodSpectre)
'¢ fixed a way where a monster wouldn't get spawned in monster group quest (FloodSpectre)
'¢ fixed net trap doing damage that was not intended
'¢ fixed normal bow attack and serrated arrow skill never getting deep wounds (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ fixed deep wounds status effect getting overwritten by other effects (causing multiple issues) (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ increased shock bolt stun chance from 0.1 to 0.2
'¢ decreased guardian damage mult from 4.0 to 3.5 (Cadfan)
'¢ fixed an additive problem with fire shield effect (Cadfan)
'¢ increased ResistancePerSpr from 0.1 to 0.2
'¢ improved fonts (phanboy4)
'¢ fixed frost effect on Targs (Valgor)
'¢ fixed retrieve information quest event text (Valgor)
'¢ fixed menu on retrieve information quests (Valgor)
'¢ made berserk more powerful to balance out defense penalty (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ fixed zeal missing effect
'¢ made some of the imp sounds quieter (phanboy4)
'¢ made poison cloud sound quieter (FloodSpectre)
'¢ increased value of attribute bonus on item from 10.0 to 20.0
'¢ npcs will no longer solve monster quest items quests (Ikarius)
'¢ changed ball lightning effect
'¢ now get credit for Scarabus kill if you are the last to damage if they suicide (Lyranaar)
'¢ fixed Dark Elf Mercenary plural (Wantonius)
'¢ holding down a number to attack a locked door no longer makes locked sound (timeh)
'¢ now summoned monsters get 50% of player's level as a bonus (L337GTIMKV)
'¢ decreased summoned monsters level to compensate some for player level bonus
'¢ fixed crash in editor when turning on full level mode (GeorgiaBoy)
'¢ now statues start fading out instantly
'¢ changed elixir, resistance potion, health potion, and mana potion models (icekrystal10)
'¢ item/object names don't shift around as much anymore (Cadfan/derailed)
'¢ now visit website stuff no longer waits for successful starting of browser (BigWeather)
'¢ now dark elf warriors use more variety of weapons and helmets
'¢ now dark elf assassins use more variety of weapons
'¢ now dark elf priests use more variety of weapons and helmets
'¢ now dark elf wizards use more variety of weapons and helmets
'¢ now scree use more variety of weapons