The Dark Eye: Demonicon Preview

OXM UK has a very positively toned writeup on Silver Style's upcoming DSA-based RPG Demonicon, excited about its multiplayer and noting the screenshots are so pretty they even doubt they're real.
Well, social salvation is on its way in the form of Demonicon. This isn't a Borderlands-alike - an action game plus experience points. This is a Dragon Age or Oblivion, a full, rich RPG with moral choices, complex character progression and a minimum of three (count 'em!) solutions to each quest - plenty of which will be non-violent. The twist is, you'll be able play it all in a group.

At this early stage Silver Style is keeping quiet about how conversations with NPCs will work online, but it did let slip that it will feature group-specific content, including dungeons tailored for teamwork.