Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragonbone Wastes Profiled

BioWare's official Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening website has been updated with information about the Dragonbone Wastes, a graveyard of sorts for our favorite winged beasts.
Far to the south of Thedas, nestled between high, forboding mountains, is a place where they say dragons go to die. There, in that harsh and wild land, a dragon at the end of her days would lie down and allow the bitter cold to take her. The Tevinter Imperium believed the tales, and imagined that the bones of these great and ancient beasts must be suffused with power--power they could take for themselves. And thus they sought out the place that their legends spoke of. When they found it, and saw the bones piled upon ancient bones, they named it Drake's Fall.
Four screenshots are also included, so head on over and have a look.