Dragon Age - The Revelation Comic

BioWare's David Gaider has teamed up with a professional sketch artist from the Dragon Age: Origins community to produce an eight-page comic depicting "a cutscene we had considered doing prior to Morrigan's offer in the climax".
David Gaider (I've always been a big fan of Aimo's art she has an incredible ability to capture the emotions of her characters. So I started chatting with her a bit back in January, and the idea came up for us to maybe collaborate on something. I mentioned a cutscene we had considered doing prior to Morrigan's offer in the climax (*spoiler alert* for anyone who hasn't played that far in Origins) but which had been left on the cutting room floor along with so many other scenes. This one in particular was hard to cut, because it was supposed to give some context to the player who romances Morrigan or who had become really good friends with her that what she was about to do was causing her conflict. As is pretty typical for game development, however, you have to work with the resources at hand. but this comic will maybe allow some people a brief glimpse into the (might have been) that was. Naturally Aimo's efforts here were ten times mine. all I had to do was write up the scene from memory and then she proceeded to sketch it out over the next few weeks. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Hope you all enjoy it!)