Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Impressions

I haven't seen any full reviews online yet, but the evening has brought us some impressions for Gearbox's third set of Borderlands DLC.

First up is GamePro:
Even so, I got a good grasp of some new combat tweaks developer Gearbox has worked into Secret Armory. Aside from the Rocket Troopers that add a whole new dimension to combat (because they can go above or below you while shooting), new A.I. for enemies has created a different battle dynamic in encounters. For example, the Skag Riders are two independent A.I. units working together the Skag will run at you while the midget shoots from his back and when you kill one, the other breaks off and keeps attacking you with a new set of tactics. Hellquist also told me that they've added a raid boss-style enemy called Crawmerax in the game that teams of four can seek out and bring down together for a chance at Pearlescent weapon drop.

And then we turn to GameInformer:
The size of the environments in General Knoxx are impressive, though the parts I saw were mostly barren and looked the same as the desert areas from the main game. Giant mines are embedded in the landscape, and there are a lot more enemy vehicles on the road, but otherwise there wasn't much to look at. After checking out a small shanty town full of the familiar bandits and psychos, I made my way up a dilapidated on-ramp to check out Moxxi's home. As the video at the end of this article shows, just getting to the front door was a challenge in and of itself.