Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony Restrospective

Gas Powered Games and SuperVillain Studios' Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony didn't receive a whole lot of attention when it was released for the PSP back in 2006, so the folks at Gaming Union have decided to whip up a quick retrospective for the action RPG.
The game was built from the ground up for the PlayStation Portable and as a result the controls are relatively tight and the gameplay is just nice for questing on-the-go. Movement is controlled directly by the analog nub rather than a mouse like Dungeon Siege I and II on PC. Battles are done in real-time with attacks and spells that can be mapped to the face buttons according to your liking. There is no camera control either since the game utilizes a top-down camera view that constantly follows wherever you decide to go. The game also offers a myriad of spells to learn and upgrade, however I found that it was relatively easy to blast through every area with just the melee attack. Nevertheless, the list of spells is rather extensive and as mentioned earlier, depending on which class you pick, you'll get a different set of spells and skills unique to said class.

While I found the gameplay to be quite fun and an extremely good way to kill time, I was also pleasantly surprised by the customization options available. Although Throne of Agony is a portable game, the inventory of weapons and equipment is quite substantial. You'll get plenty from looting downed foes, but there's even more in the town shops and every piece of equipment changed is reflected on your character from head to toe.