Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Q&As

A pair of in-house Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Q&A sessions have popped up this weekend. First, Victor Wachter answers community questions on the official forums.
Why don't my DLC items carry forward?
The rewards in Awakening quickly outpace the best items you'd find from Origins and Origins' DLC. The root of the issue is that the previously released DLC was not built in such a way that those DLC items import properly into Awakening.

Rather than spending the resources addressing this thorny issue in multiple DLCs, we spent our time adding features and polish that made Awakening better. We believed that since the gear was quickly replaced that this wasn't a major issue. We are currently investigating solutions for a possible patch. Some silver lining to this, the (Power of Blood) abilities from Warden's Keep do import properly into Awakening.

And Chris Priestly interviews lead writer Ferret Baudoin on the BioWare Blog, talking about the new character Sigrun.
What is her personality like?
People picture the Legion of the Dead as fatalistic warriors who are grimly eager to impale themselves upon a darkspawn spear. Sigrun defies that. She's perky, upbeat, with a macabre sense of humor. As bleak as her life is in the Legion, it's actually a step up from her threadbare existence in Dust Town. So she has that going for her. She also has a fascination with the world above, which she has never seen.

About the only thing she has a proper legionnaire attitude about are the darkspawn. She was initially afraid of them, but as new comrades and friends die one-by-one, it stokes her hatred. Now it burns very bright indeed.

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