Torchlight Reviews

Should you still be holding off on a purchase of Runic Games' Torchlight, you should know that there are a couple more glowing reviews online.

Square-Go gives it a perfect 5/5:
Not only is this low price game entertaining for newcomers, it also challenges the veterans too. It might not go down in history as one of the best but with such a fantastic price tag and its excellent longevity, immersion and thrilling gameplay we can't fault the purchase of this brilliant title.

While Diehard GameFAN gives it a rating of "Great Game":
Torchlight is another in a line of action RPGs I've had the pleasure of playing this year, but by far this has been the most enjoyable of the set. The visuals are very appealing and have a great style to them, the mechanics are simple but deep at the same time, the story plays out over the course of gameplay and not through scenes at the beginning of the game, which just goes to suck you in more. For what you're getting, a highly polished in-depth stable and fun game, the price can't get any better. I'd recommend this game to Diablo and FATE fans alike and I personally prefer this game to either of the ones I've mentioned.