Irrational Games Developer Profile

Irrational Games' official website has been updated with a profile of artist Robb Waters, whose list of credits include System Shock, Thief, Freedom Force, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, and BioShock.
How is the art you do here for work different from the art you may do for yourself at home?

The art I work on at home is not all that different from the stuff I work on at Irrational in that, once again, it mainly revolves around characters. The one main difference is that I work in traditional mediums at home. I really enjoy large-format painting as well as sculpting. I hardly ever fire up my home computer to make artwork. Currently I am finishing up a toy portrait series I've been working on for a while. The series is composed of several large oil paintings of some of my favorite vintage character toys. Most of these portraits are pretty whimsical. They range from a soulful-looking Ben Grimm to a shameless, bubble headed Darth Vader knock-off. I also really enjoy sculpting little campy characters in clay and then reproducing them in resin. I've always been fascinated with schlocky hit-and-miss qualities of cheaply manufactured character toys.